Our company offers the inspection and renewal of the Code XL EN 12642-XL Certificate for tarpaulin semi-trailers.

The certificate is often required by many European companies to transport given goods. Unfortunately, only few users and owners of semi-trailers are aware that for a factory tarpaulin the certificate is only valid for 2 years from the moment the semi-trailer was produced, and then, if you want to extend the certificate, you need to renew it after the inspection. Our company performs this service.

What is the Code XL EN 12642 Certificate?

In order for the load to be secured on the loading surface without additional security measures, the superstructure strength must be increased. Superstructures with a sliding tarpaulin meet the strength requirements for reinforced superstructures according to EN 12642 XL, just like permanent superstructures. On vehicles with this certificate, load securing works very simply - via the superstructure. If the vehicle is fully and formally loaded, the superstructure is used to secure the load. The superstructure takes over the forces resulting from driving dynamics according to VDI 2700. This means that in the case of form loading, no additional load securing elements need to be used.

The certificate renewal procedure consists in reviewing the tarpaulin held to check the technical condition of the tarpaulin itself, reinforcements, as well as accessories such as rollers and buckles. It is also checked whether any changes have been made to the factory tarpaulin. After accepting the technical condition of the tarpaulin, our company issues a written certificate confirmed by the German company DEKRA for a semi-trailer, valid for the next year, and we also weld a specialist sticker confirming the certificate in the client's tarpaulin.

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dachy plandekowe