Curtainsides with advertising

Advertising on tarpaulins enhances the visual appeal of trailers and increases their recognition. With the large surface area of the tarpaulin, you can create eye-catching advertisements for your company, visible wherever the trailer travels, be it in Poland or throughout Europe. This allows your brand to reach a wide audience of potential clients or business partners, significantly increasing brand awareness. 

In our machinery park, we have a large-format plotter capable of printing up to 3.2m in width, enabling us to offer full coverage printing on tarpaulins with any design or graphic.

We execute advertisements on tarpaulins through:

  • Hand-painting graphics and lettering using templates
  • Large-format printing using screen printing techniques
  • Application of adhesive film with graphics

For painting, we use special weather-resistant paints designed for tarpaulins, as well as water-resistant materials.