AKM Plandeki has set a goal to prioritize the QUALITY of our offered products. In 2018, we obtained the CODE XL CERTIFICATION , which attests to the quality and durability of our tarpaulins, following thorough examinations conducted by DEKRA . This certification covers the DIN EN 12641 and DIN EN 12642 standards.As a result, we are one of the few tarpaulin manufacturers in the Polish market that produces certified tarpaulins. All our tarpaulins with the Code XL certification are manufactured using carefully selected materials sourced exclusively from European countries, with the appropriate component certifications. 

We cooperate with renowned material manufacturers such as Mehgies Texnologies, Heytexor SioenAll our PVC tarpaulin fabrics have a weight of 900g/m2 and are additionally reinforced with high-frequency (HF) strengthened strips , providing increased durability along the length and width of the tarpaulin. We also incorporate a reinforcement material, to prevent wear in areas where contact with trailer poles occurs. Moreover, our tarpaulins are equipped with certified buckles with straps, hooks, and rollers.